Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We definitely don't use the prefix "giganto-" enough

Semester ends in a week and I can't force myself to buckle down and get these last few assignments DONE. Good lord, it's ridiculous.

Orange is coming along. It's slow going, because I've just got all this shit I have to wade through, but soon enough I'll be sending my stuff along to Alex so we can get this show on the road.

Inspiration strikes: I've started hanging around with someone from Agents, someone who dresses like a 19th century middle-class gentleman, top hat and all. His real-life actions brought to mind an amazing scene for Lord Thaddeus Stillwater. It'll be great.

Dec. 22 approaches; I grow mildly apprehensive as Alex grows calmer. Are we, perhaps, inversely proportional?

While velociraptors were a disappointment, I was recently informed that there existed a relative of the little guys who stood 12 feet tall known as Gigantoraptor. That made my day like you wouldn't believe.

I've fallen into the trap again of perpetuating the geek stereotype on myself. Yes, it's probably the category I fit into best, but I definitely can't be considered a full-blown geek. I tried joining the video game club here, but I was intimidated by the superior geekiness of everyone there. I think that's a good enough indicator that I may be able to interact somewhat normally with society. That is, assuming I can stop sitting people down and making them listen to the "All Your Base" meme, and speaking in LOLcats. At least I managed to shake the smart kid attitude, for the most part.

Does Occam's Razor apply to religion? It kind of makes sense that it would, in an idealistic kind of way. That'd be really nice.


Angry Runner said...

You kids are too damn smart for your own good.

The Wontrob said...

So, Chris, for some reason I was browsing your facebook. I think looking for your youtube thing. Anyways. I found this, and read it, and now want to see this damn bleach movie, and also figured I would be the anti-religion nerd I am and tell you that Occam's Razor does in fact apply to religion...'s_razor#Religion